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Best Horse Trainers in the World

When we think about the best horse trainers in the world, a few names come to mind. Whether they train horses for Western riding, dressage, or racing, each rider discussed here has brought something of value to their field. Whatever style of training they practice, they do it because they love horses, and they love […]

horse face markings

Horse Facial Markings and What They Mean

Sometimes you see a horse, and there’s just something about his face that really jumps out at you. Maybe it’s the splash of white in the middle of his forehead that kind of looks like heart, or the colored fur at the top of his head that makes him look like just his ears were […]

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horseback riding health benefits

Horseback Riding Health Benefits

Horseback riders aren’t crazy– there’s obviously a reason why we willingly seat ourselves upon a 1,000 pound pile of muscle with the ability to throw us over a wall with an unexpected turn, an occasional attitude, and an obsession with mints. You get to spend time with a magnificent animal and essentially become one with […]

winter horse care

Caring for Your Horse in the Winter

Now that we’re getting into the depths of winter and the temperatures are getting more extreme, you need to make sure that you know proper cold-weathered horse care, especially if this is your first season owning your own equine or barn. We’ve outlined some general winter horse care tips and things you should avoid doing […]

most popular horse breeds

Most Popular Horse Breeds

To the untrained eye, a horse is just a horse. However, to those out there who spend their days and nights thinking about, working with, and riding horses, we know that there most certainly is a difference between each type of equine. Read on for some of the more common horse breeds, as we’ve put […]