Hosting a Horse Themed Party

horse birthday party

For most of us, our love of horses started at a young age. If your child is already obsessed with ponies, you should definitely consider having a horse themed party the next time a birthday rolls around. Little ones will love spending time with their friends and being surrounded by fun equestrian-inspired party decorations, as well as competing in related games . Below we have some horse themed party ideas tips and on how to host the perfect Pony Party to delight your favorite youngsters and their friends.

English or Western Theme

As a horse lover yourself, you know that there a quite a few different ways to ride, but the main categories are Western and English. Draw upon one or the other to inspire the overall inspiration for the party. For example, to conjure images of English equestrianism, you could drape mock British flag across the backs of chairs; encourage guests to sport English tall boots; and scatter dressage cones throughout the space. Alternatively, for a Western-themed party, everyone could be handed a mock cowboy hat to decorate and bandannas could be used instead of paper napkins. With a little bit of creativity, you’ll undoubtedly conjure many ideas on how your child’s chosen discipline can inspire the decor and party activities.

Location, Location, Location

If you’re lucky enough to own a stable/barn or board at a stable that’s OK with hosting children’s parties, then you may want to look into having the celebration there. While not necessary, letting the kids play with actual animals would really add a special touch to the party and nail down the ‘horse theme’ you child loves. If those aren’t options, then having the party in your own backyard or home is another fun option that will save you some money and stress. Of course, the great outdoors is always preferable.


What’s a party without cute invitations? Let the kids know that they’re on the list with fun horse themed invitations. You can purchase stock stationery from a number of different party stores or online, or customize them yourself on the computer and print them on special paper. Make sure you include all the information such as time, place, date, host’s name, and any special instructions that you may want to add. For example, if you’re going to be having it at a stable, then you may want to include in the invitation that kids should wear their “barn clothes” to the event, ensuring that no one comes dressed in fancy attire.

Food & Supplies

What’s a Pony Party without horse themed food and decorations?! For starters, set up hay bales for the kids to climb and sit on. Depending on the formality of the event, consider crafting simple, equine-inspired centerpieces using horse figurines.

A birthday wouldn’t be complete without some tasty cake, and here’s another area where you could get creative. If you’re an excellent baker yourself, you could make and decorate the cake with equestrian scenes such as a horse going over jumps, grazing in the field, or rounding up cattle. If you’re not the next Betty Crocker, then check to see if your local bakery would be willing to create a horse themed birthday cake or cupcakes.

Besides the cakes, you can also offer healthier snacks such as “horse granola bars”, apples, mints, and sandwiches cut into horseshoes or the shape of a pony. To further the theme, try to find plates that depict cute illustrations of the animals.


Kids need to be entertained or else they’ll get bored or get into trouble. There are tons of fun horse related games to fit with the theme of the party. You could bob for horses favorite food, apples; play “pin the tail on the pony”; have a jumping contest in which participants leap over racetrack-style barriers; as well as a form of tag in which everyone “rides” stick horse toys. Of course, you could have plenty of stuffed animals scattered throughout the space to allow kids to have unstructured fun. You could also order a horse pinata and fill it with snacks or little party favors that the kids could take a whack at.

If you’re hosting the party at a barn, you could consider offering pony rides. You child will love getting to sit in the saddle and walk around, and it will be a great experience no guest will forget.

Party Favors & Gifts

Wouldn’t it be nice if adult parties offered goodies to take home? Give your child’s guests something to remember the day by with a bag full of horse themed party favors. Additionally, you could always comprise a gift bag with horse figurines, stuffed ponies, pony photo albums, horse stickers, notepads, pens/pencils and horse themed candy.

Of course, for the birthday boy or girl, you’ll want to gift something a wee bit more special. sells plenty of items for youths like kids’ horse backpacks, as well as gear for youths from brands like Kerrits and Devon Aire.


No matter what you choose to do, just make sure to have some fun! Your horse themed party doesn’t have to be perfect as long as you have good friends, tasty snacks, and a willingness to have a great time.

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